Aaron McKinnon

I am a science communicator at the European Commission’s Joint Research Center in Italy. My ongoing academic research and video projects draws inspiration from the determined and unordinary ocean community of Santa Cruz, California. I love to swim, paddle, dive, and surf. I spend any time away from the ocean at work to protect it.

In 2016, I began a master’ s degree program through the European Union’s Mundus consortium in order to develop a global perspective and an analytical approach to my journalistic philosophy. The Mundus program combines political and social science together with emerging reporting techniques to better address complex issues in a globalized world. With over 40 nationalities represented in my cohort, the unique diversity of the program allows disparate peoples to learn and work together to better understand each other’s and my own culture.  My personal research focuses on climate science  and marine plastic pollution policy.  As was always my intent, I hope to employ these experiences towards efforts that enable states, businesses, and individuals to create a sustainable future together.

Email: a.w.mckinnon@gmail.com  Insta: AaronWesleyMcKinnon

Stories about me from Off the Lip Radio, Erasmus Mundus, Cal Poly, European Geosciences Union, Santa Cruz Sentinel ’14 and ’08.


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