It Took This Village. The Nueva Vista Community Center.

The Nueva Vista and Beach Flats Community Centers in Santa Cruz provide an after school program with a focus on community involvement. Local youth spend three hours after school doing homework and hands on learning activities with help from volunteers and Youth Coordinator Edgar Landeros. Community members can donate their time to touter children or teach them about a specialized subject. By sharing their expertise, like baking or swimming, the community provides an educational experience that the youth wouldn’t otherwise get exposure to. In the end, these skills and wisdom enable kids to better navigate the their own career path and foster a respect for the diversity that makes up this unique city.

This video about the Community Center was made for a halftime presentation for the Santa Cruz Derby Girls, who made a financial contribution to the center.

I had never interviewed kids before. The experience was also new to many of them, which made for a nonlinear Q and A session that promoted sincere answers. As with any interview, the most important thing was to get them talking. They did, and were kind enough to open the doors of the Center, and their little world, to the rest of the community. This receptiveness makes it an easy place to volunteer at, so call Edgar at 831-423-5747 and stop by.

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